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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Turn Around

Jumping rope, and riding bikes,
hide-n- go seek
and taking long hikes.
Climbing rocks and London
bridges falling down,
and then it seems,
 I turn around.

Driving cars, music and friends
knowing these days,
could never end.
Carefree and reckless and
infinity bound, and then
you see,
I turn around.

"I do" I said, with a blush
on my face. Nervous and shy
and full of grace.
Beginning a new life,
both feet on the ground,
then again,
I turn around.

Blessed, sweetness,
from heaven above, heart
over flowing, full of love.
Two baby girls, abundantly bound
once again,
I turn around.

Grand babies now,
oh what joys, two sweet girls,
and three little boys.  The sixth
tiny Angel, made no sound, and
sadly, once more,
I turn around.

Lines and wrinkles
now cover my face, I have been
blessed, I've had a good race.
Gray hair, arthritis, spots of brown
and yes, again
I turn around.

Think of me
with laughter and smiles,
patience please, in my last miles.
Jesus, heaven,
a shiny new crown,
Sending hugs and love,
as I last turn around.

Written by: Debbi Hendrix

Written on Christmas Day 2012.  Dedicated to my husband, children, and grand children.